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Indian delivery service in Berlin

Gastronomy during the Corona crisis

n the meantime, the corona virus has also reached us. In the last 7 days they went Developments so fast that gastronomy in particular is suffering from the Corona crisis. It all started quite harmlessly, sales lost 30-40%, but since Saturday we have a decrease of 90% of customers. We are currently trying to consume the fresh food, so that we don't have to throw too much away. As soon as everything is used up, we did close a part of our restaurants due to the Corona crisis too.

Close restaurants?

For Balbir and Harmeet in particular, it is a difficult decision for the Berlin restaurants to get closed, because there has been no closed day for 23 years. We don't just have the Responsibility towards our employees, but also towards the guests. This is exactly where we are in conflict. So closing the restaurants is one of our thoughtest Decision that we had to do.

Delivery services overloaded

When the number of visitors decreased on Thursday and Friday, we immediately stayed in contact with Lieferando. Unfortunately, the delivery services are completely overloaded and need at least two weeks time for integrate a new customer. Nevertheless, we want to provide our Indian food for you at home too, which is why we are going to provide our own delivery service soon.

Indian food for at home in Berlin

Today we will be starting our delivery service in Berlin Schöneberg and Berlin Kreuzberg. Indian food for you at home and a change from the daily pasta with pesto. We rely on your help and look forward to your help. Order your favorite Indian food for at home in Berlin and enjoy your curry at home.

Small card for delivery service

We want to have as little waste as possible and limit ourselves to your Favorite dishes for now. Chicken curry and chicken korma will definitely be on the smaller card for Delivery service. You can also order a few vegan and vegetarian dishes from the menu using our delivery service. As long as we still have the fresh milk from "Hemme Milch", you can also order a liter of fresh milk over the delivery service.