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The reopening of our terrace in the AMRIT in Mitte

Something that takes a long time...

When the restaurants were closed again in November due to the pandemic, we were gripped by creativity. When we brainstormed how to bypass the closure this time, it never stopped bubbling:

An “Urban Jungle” in the middle of Berlin with a living wall, a fountain, new design elements and maybe a completely new roof with sustainable energy consumption?

... is finally going to be good!

And there it is, after almost 7 months of intensive work, extensive renovation work, painting, cleaning & decorating, we can finally finish our project and inaugurate our URBAN JUNGLE with the reopening of the gastronomy.

16 meter vertical living wall in the middle of Berlin

Our heart of the URBAN JUNGLE is the 16-meter vertically planted “Living Wall”, which holds over 100 different plants and its own irrigation system. A bit of rainforest in the heart of Berlin.

In summer and in winter

The building also shines in new splendor. The carpet is out and the new gray tiles give our summer and winter garden a factory look, which is reinforced by the new heating system and the wall paint. There is no need to close the garden twice a year for the complex renovation, because in future the roof and windows can be completely opened and closed within 3 minutes, depending on the weather. Whether summer or winter - the garden remains where you can feel good and dining in the open air is guaranteed!

We'll see you again soon - (taking into account the Corona rules)

Now we are eagerly awaiting the reopening and look forward to seeing each other again soon. The protective measures adopted by the state government to contain the pandemic continue to apply.