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AMRIT - more than a name

Where does the name AMRIT come from?

AMRIT is more than a name, more than a city, more than a dish, more than a restaurant. AMRIT means sacred nectar and comes from the Sikh religion. AMRIT flows in the sacred springs in the mountains, AMRIT surrounds the Golden Temple in Amritsar, AMRIT is the water of life.


Papa Bans, father of Balbir and Harmeet Bans is a Sikh and also raised his sons with this religion. The holiest place of the Sikhs is in AMRITSAR, in Punjab. Birth region of the father of the two brothers. AMRIT is therefore a word for the brothers, which is also very important in relation to the family.

The golden temple

For the Sikhs, the Golden temple is THE sacred place. The four gates of the temple are always open to any religion in the world. Everyone is welcome and can even get a free meal if necessary. The water that surrounds the temple is called AMRIT.

AMRIT in berlin

You may experience your next visit to us at AMRIT in Berlin with a different eye. Many of our employees are also Sikhs, you can recognize them by their turban. There is a dish named after the city of AMRITSARI and almost all of our waiters speak Punjab, the language of the Sikhs.