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Action #LeereStühle in Berlin

When how where?

Today, on April 24th, 2020, the #LeereStühle also took place in Berlin for the first time. At 9:00 am, restaurateurs, caterers, bar and club owners met for a silent demonstration on June 17th. 

What is #LeereStühle?

The campaign was launched by restaurateurs from Dresden. For the first time, the silent demo also took place in Dresden in front of the Frauenkirche. The statement is important: "We say clearly that we don't want to pile up, we don't want to get rich through the crisis, we want to survive!" (

What do we want to achieve?

We do not want our restaurants to reopen quickly - we restaurateurs are just as keen to help contain the Corona virus! Nonetheless, we have some demands on the government to help restaurateurs get through this crisis. We are calling for an increase in short-time work benefits from now on, because our employees have been on short-time work since March 19. The catering industry also needs emergency aid for companies with more than 10 employees so that they can hold out until the measures that have been decided take effect. In addition, a rent reduction of the commercial space would help to cover the costs. 

AMRIT & #LeereStühle

Since the silent demonstration was only approved by the authorities yesterday afternoon, too few companies had the opportunity to react, or too few were aware of it. Since we have around 500 chairs per location in AMRIT, all of which are currently empty, we brought 350 chairs to the Brandenburg Gate this morning so that the campaign can be heard and has the right effect.