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Your Loyaltycard

Collect points / stamps and receive benefits

Become a LOYALTY CARD MEMBER and collect stamps for every lunch or for every bill.

How does it work?

Each time you pay your bill, you can decide whether you want to collect the points or the stamps, you can collect both on one card. You will receive a stamp for every business lunch dish. For every euro you get one point. From 75 points you can choose one of our benefits.

Your benefits for the stamp card!

Collect a stamp for every business lunch dish.
amrit berlin loyaltycard business lunch
10 stamps = 1x business lunch dish for free

Your benefits for the bonus card!

Earn one point for every euro spent. From 75 points collected, you can choose between the following benefits.

amrit berlin loyaltycard mango lassi
75 points = one liter of Mango Lassi
amrit berlin loyaltycard gutschein
100 points = € 10.00 voucher
amrit berlin loyaltycard wein
150 points = a bottle of wine with your meal
amrit berlin loyaltycard dunja
We would like to thank our regular customers with our new loyalty card!


Don't have your card with you?

You don't have room for another card in your wallet? No problem, after a short registration you can conveniently save the QR code in your wallet on your mobile phone.

How and where can I redeem the points?

You can redeem your points in any of our restaurants. Please contact a waiter.

Where can I get the card from?

You can receive your loyalty card free of charge in all locations of our AMRIT restaurants.

Can points be booked in retrospectively?

The points and stamps can only be booked on your card during the payment process. A subsequent booking is therefore not possible.

Lost your card?

If you have not registered the card, we cannot claim points or stamps if the card is lost.

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